What makes a great floor for your home? There’s obviously no universal answer to this question, but it helps to track the latest trends that are dominating flooring design. What’s in this year and what will be old news in a few months’ time? Let’s take a look at some of the top flooring trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

Tile imitating wood

Wood flooring generally isn’t a good idea for bathrooms as it doesn’t handle moisture very well. If you’re adamant about having that wooden look in your bathroom while remaining practical, then you’ll be pleased with the latest flooring trend that sees porcelain planks imitating the look and feel of natural wood flooring. This porcelain wood grain tile looks impressively like wooden planks and even mimics the texture of it underfoot.

Distressed flooring

If you’re looking for more of a rustic look in your home, then distressed flooring is right up your street. This can either be achieved by using reclaimed wood materials or by replicating this appearance with flooring that has been artificially aged. This gives you hardwood flooring that looks like it has been worn through the ages for a classic style and appearance.

Green” flooring

A bright green floor probably won’t look good in many homes, but eco-friendly flooring is having its heyday. From recycled carpet to a resurgence in popularity for flooring materials such as cork, linoleum, and marmoleum, flooring is certainly going green in 2018. This was evident at last year’s Milan Fashion Week where the models walked a green carpet made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets.

Varied plank width

Many people are now using planks with varying widths to produce a hardwood floor that has a less uniform look. This allows you to add some individuality to your room as you can place the different planks in any pattern you’d like. Although this can be more time consuming to install, it produces a stylish and fairly unique appearance in your home.

Fuming and blanching

Hardwood can be stained to achieve a wide variety of colors. However, more people are now opting for fuming or blanching their planks to achieve the desired appearance. Fuming involves exposing the wood to ammonia gas to bring out its natural, rich color without staining, while blanching does the opposite by bleaching the wood to strip away its color.

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