Have you considered adding luxury vinyl tile to the floors in your home? Whatever’s been putting you off this option in the past, we’re here to put those concerns at rest. To show you why it’s such a great option, here are some of the main reasons to choose luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Its appearance is extremely varied

Luxury vinyl tile is an extremely versatile product. Forget the image in your head of standard bathroom tiles – luxury vinyl tiles or planks come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed to imitate the look of other materials, such as natural stone and genuine hardwood flooring. So, whatever look you’re going for, this material can probably create it.

It’s easy to install

Luxury vinyl tiles are much easier to install and take much less time to install compared to many flooring materials, including hardwood flooring and traditional ceramic tiles. Different products vary, but most of them are installed by either gluing them down to your floors or clicking the pieces together in a secure, interlocking manner.

You don’t have to replace the entire floor

Because of the way luxury vinyl is laid, it is also very easy to remove it from your floor if you want to replace it. The beauty is that you can remove and replace individual tiles. So, if a tile becomes damaged, you won’t have to pay out to replace the entire floor, just the affected tiles.

It’s scratch and stain-resistant

If you’re worried about your dog’s claws scratching up your floors, your kids spilling drinks over it, or your friends denting it with their high heels, then luxury vinyl tile should put your mind at ease. It is impressively scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant, so scratches and stains can be kept at bay. This also makes it suitable for areas with high humidity.

It’s long-lasting

Luxury vinyl’s durability also makes it a great investment because it will last a long time in your home before it needs replacing. With proper care (which is pretty low maintenance with this type of flooring), your luxury vinyl tile can last up to 25 years.

Great value for money

Luxury vinyl tile can give the appearance of hardwood flooring in Winston Salem without the big price tag attached to it. It is a much more affordable option, even compared to other hardwood alternatives such as laminate flooring. Considering how long it lasts, too, luxury vinyl offers great value for money.

That’s 6 great reasons why you should choose luxury vinyl tile for your home. If you need flooring installation in Winston Salem, contact University Flooring Center for our help. We also serve Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.

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