Whether you’re renovating a home office or a commercial office space, the type of flooring you choose can make all the difference to the look and atmosphere of the room. You probably want something that is welcoming yet professional, stylish yet conservative. With so many options to choose from, we’ve put together some tips to help you choose the best flooring for your office.

Things to consider when choosing office flooring

Noise – Materials like hardwood floors, natural stone, and ceramic tile, for example, can add a great aesthetic to your office space, but make sure you consider how much noise will be produced. If your office experiences a lot of traffic, then footsteps on these kinds of floors can be noisy, especially if your employees wear high heels. This shouldn’t be as much of an issue for home offices or smaller offices with less traffic. If you’re concerned about noise, then carpets or carpet tiles are better choices of flooring.

Subtlety – Carpets or tiles with vibrant patterns may add some fun and creativity to your workplace, but think about whether or not it will be distracting to your workers (or you). Even unconsciously, the presence of crazy colors and patterns in the corner of your eye can be a distraction while you’re trying to focus on work. Subtler colors and patterns may be more suited to your office space if you think this could be a problem.

Durability – If the flooring of a large commercial space needs replacing, then it can be very disruptive to the work that takes place there. So, it’s important that you choose a flooring material that is durable and won’t need replacing very often. Vinyl, solid hardwood, natural stone, and concrete are all good examples of flooring that will stand the test of time. Tiles or carpet tiles can also be a good option because if part of the floor gets damaged, you can just replace the affected tiles rather than tearing up the entire floor.

Price – If you’re looking to keep costs down in your business, then price may be a priority when selecting your commercial flooring, especially for large spaces. Laminate is a great alternative to hardwood floors if your concern is affordability. Vinyl planks, tiles, and sheet vinyl are also affordable alternatives to either hardwood or natural stone. If you’re looking at carpet, then you can save some money by opting for carpet tiles rather than wall-to-wall carpet.

These four factors are important when choosing the type of flooring for your office, so consider which flooring type suits your priorities the best. If you need flooring installation services for your office around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville, then contact us for more information.

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