We’re dedicated to quality flooring installation in Winston Salem, so we want to make sure you make the right choice when selecting the material for your floors. In this blog, we’re going to compare to great options – carpet and luxury vinyl. Let’s look at some of the advantages each one offers to help you make an informed decision for your flooring.

The pros of installing carpet

Carpet is a soft and padded material, making it good for noise dampening, which might be needed if you have downstairs neighbors and don’t want your footsteps to annoy them. Because it’s soft, carpet is also nice and comfortable under your feet. This might not be a big priority in commercial buildings, but soft, thick carpets provide a nice surface to walk across in bare feet in your home.

As the industry develops and innovates, there are now lots of options for eco-friendly, recycled carpet that is beneficial for the environment. These still have the popular look and feel of traditional carpet, and can even be cheaper.

The pros of installing luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is really easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t soak up liquids, so spills won’t easily cause damage or staining to it, more so than regular vinyl flooring. Dust and dirt that accumulates on your flooring can easily be swept and vacuumed up to leave your floors clean and in good condition. Luxury vinyl can last up to 20 years before it needs replacing. It is also better suited to families with allergies because allergens will not accumulate and can easily be cleared off the surface of your floors.

Both carpet and luxury vinyl can look amazing in your home or office, so the appearance of the two flooring types mostly comes down to taste and the style of the room it will be installed in. Carpet is available in lots of different colors and patterns, while luxury vinyl can be made to imitate various materials, like natural stones or hardwood floors.

Carpet is slightly cheaper than luxury vinyl, although both are nice and affordable materials for your floors. But luxury vinyl has the added advantage of requiring less maintenance throughout its lifetime, so the price of the two basically balances out.

Once you’ve made a decision, get in touch with University Flooring Center. We specialize in carpet installation in Winston Salem, as well as offering lots of other services to give you the best flooring possible.

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