Repairing or replacing your flooring can be costly, but it is often an unavoidable task. Having this job covered by your home or commercial insurance would really help out, but do you know if your insurance policy does cover flooring? Let’s have a look at the different kinds of damages you might need coverage for and whether insurance policies are likely to cover them or not.

What do insurance policies cover?

Not all policies are made the same, so it is important to always check your own insurance policy to see what is covered. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the floor and will likely state a list of causes of damage that are covered. Anything not listed will not be covered by your policy.

One of the most common types of damage that occurs to flooring is water damage. This can affect both carpets and hardwood floor badly, often requiring a completely new floor being fitted. Whether or not this is covered by your standard insurance policy will depend on the cause of the water damage.

Many policies cover for accidental water damage caused by a water pipe in your home bursting or your roof collapsing, for example. But, if the water damage has occurred from a storm or excessive rain causing ground flooding, then your home or commercial insurance is unlikely to cover this as standard. Typically, you will need to take out a separate flood insurance policy to cover this, or you may be able to add it onto your existing insurance.

How to avoid uncovered damage

Obviously we can’t control the weather (that’s what flood insurance is for), but if damage has occurred to your floor over time due to a lack of maintenance and care, then this also won’t be covered by your insurance. So, it is important to keep up a regular maintenance schedule for your floors, including regular vacuuming, not tracking mud over the floors, and tending to spills as soon as they occur. Having your hardwood floors or carpets sealed or polished can also help to make them more durable and resistant to damage.

Whether or not your flooring is covered by your insurance, we can arrange affordable services for repairing or replacing your flooring in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville. Contact us if your floors need repairing, restoring, or replacing.

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