Quality hardwood flooring surrounding your fireplace can give a really rich, luxurious look to the room. But, should you have any concerns about the logistics of having a hot fireplace near your hardwood floors? The heat can cause damage to your hardwood floors depending on their style and material and the design of the fireplace, but these tips for protecting your hardwood floors will help keep them in good condition.

A fireplace with a hearth

The floor immediately surrounding the fireplace is often fitted with a hearth. This can help to protect the wood flooring around your fireplace as it prevents the fireplace from being in direct contact with the wood. Heat-resistant and incombustible materials such as stone and tiling are often used in the design of hearths to help safely absorb the heat from the fireplace. Opting for a raised hearth also helps to protect your hardwood flooring from the heat that emanates from the fireplace.

Screens for real wood fires

This isn’t an issue for electric or gas fires, but wood burning fires can cause sparks to fly and land on your floors. This can cause the wood to singe and collect other unwanted marks. The best way to protect your hardwood flooring from these sparks is to install a screen in front of the fireplace. These are often mesh screens that allow the warmth of the flames to pass through but stop sparks from flying out.

Avoid plastic flooring

Plastic-based flooring such as laminate and vinyl is at risk of melting or cracking when subject to high heats, so these are less suitable for installing around fireplaces compared to hardwood flooring.

Extra protection from a hearth rug

The flooring around the hearth of your fireplace, whatever material it is, can be protected even further by placing a hearth rug over it. These help to form a barrier between the fireplace’s heat and the floor, as well as adding extra warmth and comfort to the room.

Flooring materials have different properties that make them more or less suitable for use around fireplaces. Make sure you talk to your flooring supplier and installer about this before installation for further guidance and so that they can provide their service with this in mind.

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