A nice hardwood floor may seem so luxurious that it’s out of your budget range. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are lots of ways you can add hardwood to your home without breaking the bank, so take a look at the trends below for some ideas for your home.

Reclaimed wood floors

Recycling is a popular trend in lots of different areas now as we all try to become more eco-friendly. This goes for flooring too. Your hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be brand new. Using old, reclaimed wood for your floors helps you save money and also creates a rustic vibe that can look great in your home. Find out more about reclaimed wood and where to get it from.

Hardwood floor alternatives

There are lots of different materials you can use to create the appearance of hardwood floors at a lower cost. Options like engineered wood, laminate, and vinyl or tiled flooring made to imitate hardwood are all good alternatives to the real thing. They all look convincingly like hardwood and even come with their own benefits over the real deal, as well as being more affordable. You can read more about hardwood floor alternatives here.

Mix and match planks

Another way to save money on your flooring design is to mix and match your hardwood planks rather than having it uniform all the way across. This can also produce a unique appearance that you’ll love. There are two main choices for mixing and matching your hardwood planks – color and plank width. So, you could choose two complementary colors for your flooring or combine narrow and wider planks. Any more than two variations will likely look a little messy.

The right finish

Applying a finish to your hardwood floors is a great way to change their appearance without adding much to the cost of your flooring. Oil-finished wood is great for bringing out the detailed grain of the wood, and it creates an attractive shine to your flooring. Alternatively, you can go for a textured finish as opposed to a smooth, polished one. Textures like hand-scraped or distressed wood add character to your floors and can create a rustic appeal like with reclaimed wood.

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