If you’re choosing carpet for your home or office, you might have come across specific carpets for commercial and residential uses. But what exactly is the difference? As the expert carpet store of Winston Salem, we’ll look at some of the differences between these two types of carpet to clear things up for everyone.

Commercial carpets focus on durability over comfort

At home, you want something that will feel nice underfoot as you or your kids walk around the house with no shoes on. So, residential carpets tend to have longer pile and soft padding underneath. Since people generally don’t walk around barefoot in offices, comfort is less of a priority for commercial carpet.

Instead, commercial carpets place their focus on durability, since they will face much higher traffic levels than carpet in the home. This means they’ll be subject to more wear and tear on a daily basis and need to be built to last longer under this strain. The shorter pile of commercial carpet does not crush with traffic, keeping it looking in good condition for longer under heavy traffic. Commercial carpets with cushion backing are also common.

They’re built with accessibility in mind

Another advantage of carpets with a shorter pile is that it is easier to move over one in a wheelchair. Think of the thick, fluffy carpet in your home. It might be comfortable, but a wheelchair is likely to get stuck in the thick pile. Unless someone in your home or a friend or family member is a wheelchair user, this is unlikely to be a priority in your home. But, a lot of workplaces and commercial spaces need to be built with accessibility in mind, so the shorter pile is advantageous.

They have a smaller range of color options

You might notice that there’s less aesthetic choice in commercial carpets compared to residential. This is mainly a maintenance issue. With a lot of traffic each day, you wouldn’t want a light carpet that will easily show up dirt and stains. So, commercial carpet tends to be primarily available in darker colors, while light colors are popular for residential carpets because they help to make rooms look larger and airier.

Carpet tiles are popular for commercial use

More on maintenance – carpets in commercial spaces are likely to need replacing more often due to the high levels of traffic. In this case, it is much easier to replace a small part of the carpet than the entire thing. So, commercial spaces often use carpet tile, allowing you to remove and replace the affected area while leaving the rest of the carpet intact.

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