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Choosing carpet comes with many advantages.

There are so many styles and types of flooring out there that when you go to a flooring center, you might find yourself having difficulty choosing! Here at University Flooring Center, we enjoy helping our customers find the right flooring for their needs and budget. Many of our customers, both residential and commercial, come in looking for carpet due to its many advantages, including:

Carpet in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • Price- Carpet is one of the more affordable options when it comes to flooring, allowing people to cover a large area of space at a fraction of the cost of other types of flooring. However, just because it is a good value doesn’t mean that carpet is poor quality. At University Flooring Center, our carpet options are specifically selected to ensure only good products are making their way into customers’ properties.
  • Comfort- Carpet is one of the most comfortable flooring types to spend time on. It is soft and warm underfoot no matter the time or temperature.
  • Insulating Properties- Something many of our customers enjoy about carpet is that it is capable of insulating your floors from the cold and also keeps things quiet. There’s no clacking or clicking of heels when you walk along carpeting.
  • Speedy Installation- Carpet doesn’t take long to install, even in areas with a lot of square footage. This makes it ideal for busy households or commercial properties that want to change the flooring but can’t shut down daily life for too long.   

If you’re looking for carpet for your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home or business, come see us at University Flooring Center today and learn about our many options available for you.

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