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Commercial Tile, Winston-Salem, NC

Commercial tile is extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Choosing the right flooring for a commercial building can make a big difference in the atmosphere. Certain types of flooring are also low maintenance, making them more appealing to commercial building owners and managers who don’t have the time to spend cleaning and caring for floors. One option that is especially popular is commercial tile, which can add to the appeal of the space while giving you the benefits you want. Ceramic tiles are naturally moisture-resistant, thanks to a glazed coating that serves as the protective outer layer. In a commercial facility, this moisture resistance is also beneficial because it can reduce the risk of mold growth or other damage that will be costly to repair.

Commercial Tile in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Commercial tile is extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Since you probably don’t want to continue to pay for new floors in your commercial space, choosing an option that holds up well and lasts for years is probably appealing. If you’re interested in adding this option to your Winston-Salem, North Carolina facility, contact us at University Flooring Center. We work with commercial clients to provide high-quality solutions that will add value to your space and improve the atmosphere.

In addition to selling beautiful commercial tile options, we also provide professional installation services. By turning this task over to our team of experts, you can feel confident in the final result. Our business owner has been in the flooring industry for more than three decades and takes pride in the craftmanship that goes into installing a new floor.