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Vinyl flooring is durable, waterproof, attractive and easy on the wallet– what’s not to like?!

Vinyl flooring is having a resurgence of popularity in all sorts of places these days, including Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Unlike the questionable patterns of vinyl flooring that were prolific in homes everywhere just a few decades ago, the vinyl flooring of today perfectly mimics materials that are more expensive and less durable than vinyl flooring. If you are looking for flooring that is durable, consistent in color, resistant to wear and tear, and won’t break the bank for both the purchase of the materials and the installation, then you are looking for vinyl flooring!

Vinyl Flooring in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here at University Flooring Center, we work with all sorts of flooring types, including vinyl flooring. Within our vinyl flooring selection, we have different options besides the sheet vinyl flooring that so many of us are familiar with. We also have vinyl plank flooring, as well as luxury vinyl flooring. These vinyl flooring materials are installed similarly to hardwood or laminate, where the pieces click and connect like a puzzle, but because of the vinyl top layer, you are able to get a durable and waterproof type of flooring. Because of this waterproof quality, you can install vinyl flooring virtually anywhere in your property and be happy with the durability and aesthetic results.

If you are looking for flooring types for your Winston-Salem property, commercial or residential, we here at University Flooring Center invite you to check out our vinyl flooring options. We know that once you see the attractive and expensive-looking results, you will be thrilled with the end results. Contact us today if you have questions.


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