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Best Flooring Installation Options Room by Room

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When considering new flooring for your home, it can be helpful to talk with a flooring installation professional to be sure you select the right type of product for the project you have in mind. One of the things they will look at is which room you are planning to install new flooring in because some products are better for one room than another. Here are a few general recommendations about flooring installation options based on the room.

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  • Kitchen – There are several things to keep in mind regarding flooring installation in kitchens. First of all, there is a greater chance for water damage. It will be much easier to clean up a mess and not have damaged flooring if you go with luxury vinyl, tile, or another product that is water resistant or waterproof. One thing to consider about tile is that you want a quality product that won’t chip easily, as it isn’t unusual to drop pots, pans, and canned goods every so often. Porcelain tile is preferred over ceramic tile because if it does get chipped, the color goes all the way through instead of having a clay underneath the surface that is more obvious.
  • Bathrooms – As is the case with the kitchen, you’ll want to gravitate toward flooring installation of a waterproof or water-resistant product. Luxury vinyl and tile are again the top contenders. Another benefit of these materials is they stand up better to the cleaning products used in bathrooms, although you should still take care.
  • Dining & Living/Family Rooms– You can finally break away from tile or luxury vinyl in these rooms and investigate hardwood. Either solid or engineered hardwood works well and provides a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Bedrooms– Just about anything goes in bedrooms, including carpeting, which is often the preferred choice for warmth underfoot and softness for children’s rooms. Hardwood flooring is another popular choice, with luxury vinyl that looks like wood being another popular favorite.

Here at University Flooring Center, we are happy to assist you with selecting flooring for your home based not only on the room, but also other objectives you might have. Our flooring installation services are second to none, and we stand behind our workmanship by guaranteeing against installation defects for as long as you live in your home. Contact us today to learn more.