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Carpet Trends Your Flooring Company Wants You to Know

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When it comes time to replace the carpet in your home, there are many different sources that you can turn to for advice. One that you might not have thought about is your local flooring company. They do more than put the various carpet samples on display. They keep up with carpet trends, innovation in the industry, and more, making them a treasure-trove of useful information.

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One carpet trend your flooring company will gladly share with you is carpeting that stands up to more adverse effects than ever before. There are options that are water-resistant, have stain resistance built into the fiber, and carpet tiles that let you take out one damaged tile and replace it, saving you from replacing an entire room of carpet when something happens. Carpet tiles are also a popular trend because they are easier to transport than a roll of carpet.

Color and texture are two factors to look at when choosing carpet for your home. There are many unique options on the market these days. Cut and loop carpet is especially popular because of the unique and stylish patterns that can be achieved. It isn’t that this is a new concept; it was popular several decades ago and is now making a comeback.

Your flooring company can also provide you with options that are eco-friendly, as there are many environmentally friendly, sustainable carpet options on the market now.

If you would like to learn more about carpet options, turn to us at University Flooring Center. Our flooring company offers quality flooring products from the industry-leading manufacturers, and our installation workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you live in your home. We’ll be happy to discuss carpet trends and features so you can be confident that your ultimate choice will serve your needs.