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The Steps Necessary for Optimal Floor Refinishing Results

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There is little doubt that hardwood floors offer a level of beauty that is unrivalled by any other flooring material. An added bonus is that with floor refinishing, they can be restored when they aren’t looking as nice as they once did. Depending on the quality of the hardwood floor that was installed, this process can be done a number of times when deep cleaning and polishing are no longer doing the trick. It is important to understand, however, that floor refinishing must be done properly for optimal results and to avoid irreparable damage to the hardwood floor.

floor refinishing must be done properly for optimal results

This is why it is not recommended to tackle floor refinishing as a DIY project. It takes experience to know which hardwood floors can tolerate the process and how to complete the task while preserving as much of the hardwood as possible to permit future floor refinishing efforts. A trained professional will start with assessing the condition of your hardwood floor so they can make the right recommendation about how to proceed. They will then develop a plan of action and provide you with a quote.

Once the floor refinishing has been scheduled, the next step is to prepare for the process. It can speed things up quite a bit if you have already removed the furniture, as we can get right to work on cleaning the hardwood and proceeding through the stripping, sanding, and application of new finish process. The amount of time needed for your floor refinishing can vary based on a number of factors, including whether there are any repairs that are needed.

If you have any questions about floor refinishing or would like your hardwood floor assessed, give us a call at University Flooring Center. We will send out an experienced professional who will walk you through the process and can also provide a quote. If we find that your hardwood floor cannot withstand floor refinishing, we will provide you with other options. Contact us today to learn more.